Key characteristics:

· Uniform sized personalized facial masks;

· Tissue: 100% polyester;

· Elastic: contains latex;

· Single layer

· Washing machine washable (up to 60ºC)

Important information:

Amid the ongoing Covid-10 pandemic, it is important to consider that these masks are not considered Personal Protection Equipment, therefore, we do not recommend its use at clinical and higher risk infection environments.


Our recommendation is that these masks shall be used solely in a social interaction environment, in order to prevent people from touching his/her own faces or be exposed to the outside environment, as an example. IMAGO Nation – Clothing, Lda. takes no responsibility for improper use, care and handling of these masks, nor any infection or potential infection related to the use of these products. 

Instructions for washing and use of the masks:

· Wash the mask and wash your face prior to using. The mask shall be washed after each use.

· Wash the mask in the washing machine at a temperature of 60º degrees, with a conventional detergent. The mask shall get dry immediately after (in the ashing mashine with a low abrasive cycle). The mask shall only be used after getting completely dry.

· Change the mask regularly

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